Non-NHS Services & Fees

There are a number of services to patients which attract a charge for the administrative time taken to provide them. If the service is chargeable we will advise you in advance.

The following services are chargeable and payment needs to be paid when requested: Updated May 2022

         Heart of Bath Current Charges Amount
Accident/Sickness/Insurance Claim Form (written report) £80.00
Adoption Medical Exam & Report £70.00
Adoption form only £50.00
Camp America £40.00
Council Tax Exemption – Severe Impairment £0.00
Covid – Fit to Fly Letter £50.00
Disabled Student Allowance – Student Finance £25.00
DVLA Examination £89.00
DVLA Questionnaire £40.00
DWP Form Factual Report £33.50
DS1500 £17.70
Elderly Driver Medical for Insurance (Patient to pay) £80.00
Foster Care Medical Examination & Report. £70.00
Full Medical Report £180.00
Holiday Cancellation Form/Fitness to Travel/ Pregnancy Travel £40.00
Health Insurance Claim Form £25.00
Housing Report/ Council Tax reduction Disability £30.00
Occupational Health Report £200.00
Occupational Health Report University £150.00
OFSTED/Childcare/Nursery Worker Report £17.50
PADI Diving Form/Parachute Jump/Motorbike/ Scooter £40.00
Power of Attorney – Assessment Appt & Form COP3 £120.00
Power of Attorney ONLY £30.00
Police Medical Questionnaire £55.00
Pre- Employment  Medical £65.00
Reference Job/Shotgun licence £23.50
Sport Fees – Fitness & Exam Report £70.00
Seat Belt Exemption Medical (Patient to pay) £80.00
Seat Belt Exemption Medical – No examination ( Patient to pay) £40.00
Short Report – No Examination £45.00
Statement of Fact/Signature Only (with Appt) verification of Life £30.00
Taxi/HGV Medical (patient to pay) £94.00
Taxi/HGV Medical without Eye test (Patient to Pay) £65.00
TWIMC Letter £30.00


If you would like a medical form completed by your GP, please deliver the form to the surgery at least 3 weeks before any deadlines. Your GP will assess the form and can decide which type of consultation is most appropriate. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment if necessary and advise of any charges applicable.

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales and our reception staff will be happy to advise you about them along with appointment availability.

Please be aware that as this is a non-NHS service we do require a substantial amount of notice when requesting these services as they can, in busy periods, take anything up to two weeks.

If you have a form with a medical section for your doctor to complete, please fill in all other sections first as this can often help us complete the form sooner. Please allow at least 48 hours for us to complete the forms.

Many thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

Why GPs sometimes charge fees

Any forms to be completed to be handed to reception for passing to the admin team for logging. The fee will then be advised to the patient by admin. Any unusual requests will be checked with a clinician who will be able to advice on the appropriate fee based on the length of time needed.