Ear Microsuction

Suffering with loss of hearing or blocked ears?

We now offer Private Ear Wax Removal

Struggling to hear colleagues at work, friends in restaurants or can’t hear the television? This could be something as simple as build-up of ear wax and can be removed with Microsuction.

Microsuction is the safest way to remove debris and wax that is blocking the ear. Unlike Ear Irrigation which can be painful, cause dizziness and has a risk of infection, Microsuction uses a specialised suction tube to safely and gently remove wax. The ear care nurse will use a microscope with a bright light to see inside your ear canal during the procedure and remove only the wax that is blocking your ear, whilst leaving behind a thin layer to protect the ear canal.

An assessment is provided at each appointment and the ear care nurse will test your hearing before and after the procedure to see if any additional care is needed. The cost of the treatment is £45 for one ear and £65 for both.

Please telephone 07932 997697 today to make an appointment with Isabel.